Asthetics are much a matter of personal taste. We pride ourselves in being able to understand what it is that you want to accomplish with your building project. We have the ability to see solutions where others only see problems. Functional spaces provide their inhabitants a variety of benefits such as security, health and reliable use.
— Josh


Building Tradition is a multifaceted general contracting firm that prides itself on building thoughtful and livable spaces by creating designs and builds that are elegant, functional, and efficient spaces. 

Building Tradition has undergone many transformations over the last 12 years, including a move to Kingston Ontario from Timmin's Ontario where Josh began his company as a young professional. While studying chemistry and anthropology at Carleton University Josh realized his boredom and inability to sit-still would not be a good match for his chosen academic interests. With full encouragement from his professors and mentors Josh began contracting work. As a hobby interest, Josh has grown his company to operating a full-scale contracting firm. Artistry has always been an intrinsic element of all Josh's contracting projects. His personal interests of photography, cooking and traveling solidified his commitment to finding personal interest in both his clients and their projects as a means to create a personal space for each client.

Building Tradition has always focused on the importance of custom projects, it is here that Josh is able to connect most with his work and bring to life clients visions. Building Tradition specializes in custom, residential and commercial contracting. Over the past two years of living and working in Kingston, Josh has completed several municipal projects including custom fabrications for the City of Kingston City Hall Museum, Health Care Museum, as well as contracting projects for the MacLachlan Woodworking Museum. In addition to commercial projects, Josh has connected with several Kingstonian's to bring to life their personal residential contracting projects.

Joshua Lohuis - Building Tradition Founder