What you should know...

Some of the most important information you learn is out of necessity. If you are interested in starting or continuing an existing project but are unsure about regulations, legislation or bylaws in your area - Building Tradition has the knowledge base to assist you worry free with your project life-cycle.


Protect yourself

If you plan to hire a contractor for your next job, WSIB wants to make sure you are aware of the 2016 changes. All contractors are now required to be covered by WSIB - ask your contractor for more information on their coverage before starting your next project. 

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Be informed 

If you are taking on a new or existing project and want to involve the help of a contractor, there are some key questions you should ask prior to starting. Be an informed consumer - it pays in the end!


Bylaws and Permits in your area

Knowing your city by-law is just as important as getting a permit for your project. Building permits are issued by your municipal government and should be acquired prior to starting your next project. Building Tradition offers this to all clients as part of our service.